Originally offered at $99.95 plus postage and handling on Australia’s leading telemarketing company, this fabulous kit is being offered at cost at the ridiculous price of just $39.95 plus p & h.

It comprises the hard cover book, Slim Forever, in addition to a two compact disc set, Let’s Talk Slim Forever, that you can play in you car, or at home while you are busy doing other things. The highly acclaimed Slim Forever International Cookbook contains over 330 easy to prepare delicious recipes that are balanced in protein, carbohydrate and fat. An unexpected outcome is that many men who have never before cooked, other than on the family barbeque, are attracted by the simplicity of the recipes ease of preparation, and take up the culinary art. But, as the telemarketers say, “there’s more.” Also included are a Menu Planner, my book Diabetes: The Unnecessary Epidemic, a Carbohydrate Counter for your pocketbook, and two Passports To Health for you to record your progress. But hurry, we only have a limited number available.